Dear Homeowner/Resident:

Welcome to the Winchester Place Condominium Association. You are cordially invited to attend an open board meeting, held at the Winchester Place Clubhouse, 2315 Worthing, at 7:00 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month with the exception of February, July, and December. Our Annual Meeting and elections for the Board of Directors are held in June. Your attendance and interest will be a catalyst for maintaining and improving communication and living within Winchester Place. We look forward to seeing you!

In order to enhance your living experience at Winchester Place, certain Rules and Regulations, incorporated in the Declarations and By-Laws, have been adopted by the Board of Directors ("Board"), as well as a means by which they can and will be enforced. They are legally binding upon all homeowners/residents, tenants, their families and guests. The Rules and Regulations, incorporated in the Declarations and By-Laws are consistent with the Illinois Condominium Property Act.

Each year you will be required to provide the Board with either the Annual Homeowner Census or the Annual Tenant Census, found in the Section 17: EXHIBITS A and B at the conclusion of the Rules and Regulations. The completion of these forms is mandatory and due yearly by May 31. Homeowners/Residents are also required to provide annual proof of liability insurance for their individual unit (see Section 8 in the Rules & Regs for further details).

The Board recognizes that the vast majority of homeowners/residents desire to routinely observe the Rules and Regulations. In order to achieve compliance with the Rules and Regulations, within the confines of Winchester Place, it is important that infractions of the Rules and Regulations be reported to the Board and/or the Management Company as they occur. Whenever you have a question concerning the procedure for reporting an infraction of the Rules and Regulations, or in the event that you have questions regarding any of the policies contained in this packet, please contact the Management Company. They will be happy to discuss your concerns. You can also fill out a Violation Report form that is available in the Rules & Regs; Exhibit G. The first 15 minutes of the Board meetings is devoted to homeowners concerns. We are happy to address them at that time as well.

Again, welcome to Winchester Place. 
The Board of Directors - Winchester Place

Winchester Place
Condominium Association
This page was last updated: March 22, 2018